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Our latest edition of KOLAPSE – a global conversation to reimagine our world – launched during Art Basel Miami with 'Rhythms in Nature', the first in a series of art exhibitions centered around the organic world.

Curated by Victoria Giraudo (former curator of MALBA museum in Argentina) the show featured Fernando Brizuela’s watercolor studies of flora in wreathes; Edo Costantini's photographs on the impermanence and fragility of life; new paintings by Manuel Esnoz related to the remanent patterns and signs in ancient civilizations; Santiago Quesnel's mysterious rural landscapes; Zoe Di Rienzo’s animation on the passing of time in nature; and Luciano Garbati's bronze human heart.

"Rhythms in Nature is centered in mother nature, regarding the passing of time, its rhythm, and most of all, its fragility. The artists address fundamental struggles between nature and civilization, highlighting their concern for our deteriorating earth. They respond to contemporary conditions regarding environment and organic life around the world. Rhythms in Nature dares to speculate on what the coming years may herald", said Victoria Giraudo.

We aim to inspire action to reimagine our world

KOLAPSE brings together storytellers – activists, artists, filmmakers, leaders, musicians and writers – from around the world to inspire urgent discussions on the future of our planet. KOLAPSE aims to encourage people to take action and reimagine the world in which we might live. This year’s focus is on the world’s water resources, one of the greatest challenges facing our planet.

Since our launch in 2019, KOLAPSE has been joined by an eclectic international movement of artists including: 

Singer and poet Patti Smith; Tibetan musician Tenzin Choegyal; Argentine poet and journalist Fabian Casas;  Icelandic writer, filmmaker and activist Andri Snær Magnason; musician Högni Egilsson; visual artist Ernesto Neto; environmentalist and fashion designer Oskar Metsavaht; singer and filmmaker Ava Rocha; The Orpheists; American writer David Rieff; filmmaker Julia Jansch, professor Ross Fitzgerald; cinematographer Sturla Brandth Grøvlen;  writer Pablo Servigne; activist in Youth for Climate Bruno Rodriguez; activist Nicole Becker; Argentine author Bernardo Kliksberg; singer and songwriter Chiara Parravicini; novelist and essayist J.M. Coeztee; Toshi Asaba; Japanese artist Makoto Ofune; singer and composer Leo Garcia; musician, composer and producer Axel Krygier, and Salvet and percussionist Mauro Refosco.

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